God? Are you here?

A powerful light shines in the dark.

A powerful light shines in the dark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where was God? Why didn’t he intervene? If God is so powerful, so loving–if God is so great–why did this happen?

There have been a lot of words written about evil, suffering, and the theological questions that arise. I don’t know if there are any answers in spite of all the debate and discussion. I don’t feel like I have any answers. Not really.

Jesus loves the little children. Then…why? Where was he?

I’m mulling this over this morning, knowing that people all across the nation, maybe the world, are asking the same questions.

Here’s what I know: Jesus is the light of the world. That statement implies that without him it would be dark. It is dark, indeed. We can’t deny that when faced with such horrors.

I think we want that statement to mean that Jesus came and lit up the world and everything should be better now. His coming, his God-becoming-man, should have changed things.

Things will change. One day the world will be made new. All will be right.

But that’s not yet. Right now, it’s still dark. But he did come. And He is the light. And that does make a difference. We are not alone. Our hearts break, our questions consume us, our fears rise up, and he is with us. There is a light that shines even in the midst of terrible darkness.

What that looks like in practical terms may differ from one person to another. But it’s not just talk. It’s not just poeticism. It is real. God is here. He was there yesterday as children were murdered and he wept.

My prayer is that each person affected by this devastation will recognize that Light, and find hope and peace and know that they are not alone.


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