God Became Vulnerable

There’s a lot of focus on vulnerability these days, it seems. And that’s a good thing. I think in the right place, with the right people, vulnerability is necessary.

But it’s so hard, isn’t it? It makes us feel so…vulnerable.

Merriam-Webster says vulnerable is: capable of being physically or emotionally wounded and open to attack or damage.

Who wants that? I mean really. No wonder it’s so difficult. It’s counter-intuitive. It’s foolishness.

It’s much more natural to build a good wall and keep it up. Protect ourselves from any possibility of wounds, attack, or damage.

We fear rejection. We fear the horrible things that can happen to this soft body we inhabit. We fear.

God seems as though He would be pretty invulnerable, doesn’t He? He’s God. Who could damage God?

And yet Isaiah 53 is all about God becoming vulnerable.

A tender shoot. A root in dry ground. Picture that.

Dry ground is pretty easy for us to picture here in Colorado these days. Hard, packed dirt. Dry. Dusty. And there, straining through the soil is a little living root. Searching for moisture. Seeking to thrive. How could it survive?

from morguefile.com

from morguefile.com

A green tender shoot. Tiny. Just a little sprout. A bug will come along and eat it. It may get knocked off.

So vulnerable.

That’s how Isaiah describes Jesus.

The remainder of Isaiah 53 tells us all about how Jesus was rejected. Despised. Bore illness and pain. Suffered affliction. Died. All the things we fear.

Why? Because that is humanity. Try as we might, we can’t be free of vulnerability. When God became man He took that on along with everything else it means to be human.

Invincible Deity stepped into vulnerable flesh.

God with us.


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