When God says something is sin, it isn’t to spoil our fun. The things He calls sin are things that will inevitably harm us. They are

Pointing Finger Is Pointing

Pointing Finger Is Pointing (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

things that lead us further away from Him rather than toward Him. He tells us certain things are wrong and that we should avoid them because He cares about us.
The commands against sin are warnings from a loving heart.

When we take something that God calls sin and say that it is not sin, it might tickle some ears but we aren’t doing anyone any favors.

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s our job to stand on a dais and point a finger: “You are a sinner and you are a sinner.” “Hey you, over there. That thing you’re doing — it’s sin.” “You, you, and you, you’re all sinning.”

If there are scriptures that tell us to point out the sin in unbelievers’ lives, please share them with me. If there are scriptures admonishing us to judge others, I’d love to see them.

Yes, people need to have an awareness of their sin and realize a need for repentance. But I think that’s a delicate thing.

What I understand is that only the Holy Spirit can convict someone of sin. He does it lovingly, tenderly, perfectly. It’s His job.

What I understand is that our job is to love. To love God, our brothers, our neighbors, our enemies, and ourselves. Love draws people in. Judgement pushes them away.

Jesus dined with sinners. They enjoyed spending time with him. Because he loved them. He didn’t deny their sin, but he didn’t call them out on it either. Yet, he was the only person justified in doing so, considering he had no sin of his own. The sin He did call out was that of the Pharisees. Those people who hung out on the dais.

Perhaps we should hop off of our self-righteous pedestals and have dinner with some “sinners.” Just like Jesus did. That doesn’t mean we have to say that what they do is okay. But it doesn’t mean we have to say it’s not okay. Maybe we shouldn’t address it at all.  Maybe we can leave that to God.


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