What I Know


I live twenty-five minutes from the Cinema 16 theater in Aurora.

Twenty- five minutes the other direction is Columbine High School.

Forty-five minutes to the south is New Life Church where a gunman opened fire five years ago.

This I know: life is uncertain.

It’s always been uncertain. But these tragedies, these horrors, remind us. They capture our attention more effectively than the heart attack rate ever will.

This I know: we will all die.

But again, this kind of death, the terror, the complete lack of sense or reason grabs us by the throat. Fear takes a good handle and doesn’t easily shake off.

The question that drives us to distraction is “Why?” So many whys.

This I know: I don’t know.

I cannot explain why because God does not explain Himself to me. I don’t know why. God does know why. That’s enough.

This I know: God was there; He saw. God is not helpless; He is all-powerful and can do anything. God is good; He cares.

Those things don’t always reconcile in my head. I’ve spent a lot of time wrestling with this, trying to make it fit in times of painful confusion. Which of those three things am I going to choose to disbelieve because they can’t all be true? And yet, they are.

That’s what faith is, I think. It’s looking past what we don’t know to what we do know.

God was there.

God was not helpless.

God cared.



6 thoughts on “What I Know

  1. Well said, Kay. Love how you were to distill the struggle to reconcile the irreconcilable facts to so few words, but it is exactly that–knowing the truth about God and choosing faith.

    Mary Kay

  2. People are right. Your blog is terrific. And you’re rigfht. There are things we don’t know. If we knew everything God knows, he wouldn’t be God and we would be equal to Him.

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